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Error on writing Hive Tables - ORC Format

Question asked by Karthee on Sep 22, 2017
Latest reply on Sep 29, 2017 by nishchai manjula

Hi Team,



MapR- 5.2 



Abinitio GDE -3.2.7


We are trying to write Abinitio multifiles job into Hive table with ORC and PARQUET formats. 

but the Abinitio jobs are getting failed with this error,


Error from Component 'Write_Hive_Table.Write_Data_to_HDFS', Partition 0
terminate called after throwing an instance of 'apache::thrift::transport::TTransportException'
what(): No more data to read.


ACID properties are added into hive-site.xml at the clients and metastore node as well.

I have increased the 'hive.txn.timeout'=900 too.


but we don't have any problems with writing Hive - text format tables from Abinitio.


is there anything we could do with the configuration for ORC and PARQUET format files for Abinitio jobs???



Please advise me on this...


Thanks in advance,