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Estimating disk space occupied by a MapR table

Question asked by arp4504 on Sep 19, 2017
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We are trying to get an estimate of disk requirements needed for our MapR-FS, for which we need to find out how much space a given MapR JSON table(with compression applied) is taking on disk (including its data, metadata,index etc). When we see check the table properties MapR MCS interface, we see 2 properties, physical and logical size.

Which of these values should we use for calculating our disk requirement? Logical size for our compressed table is larger than physical size, which seems expected behaviour as per this explanation: What’s the Difference Between the Logical and Physical Size of a Table? Are They Similar or Different?   What is the difference between these two parameters? Is logical size simply the size the table uncompressed, or is it the complete table size on disk (data + metadata like indexes etc). 


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