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RM/ZK Nodes not showing in MCS or Node List

Question asked by davidehle on Sep 12, 2017
Latest reply on Feb 14, 2018 by davidehle

Version Info: v.  Yarn MapReduce (2.7.0)
We have 3 nodes that are not showing in the Dashboard/Heatmap, nor are they showing when I execute the maprcli node list command.


These 3 nodes are nodes that support both the Resource Manager and the Zookeeper Services.


The services are running and functional, but the node does not show up as part of the cluster or under a topology.  A  "node" page can be brought up by directly editing the URL - Ex: dev-hdn001:8433/#node_dev-hdj001.hdp.hdp, and it accurately shows the Resource Manager Service and status, but the page lacks other information like Node Id, Physical Topology, Physical IP, FileserverHeartbeat, and Last Reboot. 


There nodes do not participate in MFS and have no disks formatted for use with MFS.


We have run -R multiple times, and it does not resolve the issue.


What is the process by which nodes "register" with the cluster and show up in the MCS dashboard/heatmap and included in the output of maprcli node list?  What could prevent a node from being added? We believe we set up this node like we normally would.