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MAPR Hue Startup Issue

Question asked by gregp121 on Sep 11, 2017
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I am looking to run MAPR Hue on a CentOS 7 Edge Node Server (Not the best configuration, I know.) So far, I have managed to install it using the following command:


sudo yum install mapr-hue.noarch


Afterward, I used the default configuration and tried to start the server:


$ /opt/mapr/hue/hue-3.12.0/bin/ runcpserver start

Hue 'runcpserver' started, pid 30975
Hue 'dbproxy_server' started, pid 30988

$ (Returned nothing)


This did not seem to work since nothing was on PORT 8888, so I updated the configuration to point to


$ /opt/mapr/hue/hue-3.12.0/bin/ runcpserver start

Hue 'runcpserver' started, pid 12219
Hue 'dbproxy_server' started, pid 10129

$ (Returned nothing)


However, this also had issues:

$ lsof -i:8888



curl: (7) Failed to connect to port 8888: Connection refused

$ss -l -p -n | grep "12219" (Returned nothing)

$ss -l -p -n | grep "10129" (Returned nothing)


Are there additional configuration steps that I am missing, or is there a larger problem?


Thank you!