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5.2.0 Cluster does not see upgraded nodes

Question asked by terryhealy on Aug 29, 2017
Latest reply on Sep 8, 2017 by maprcommunity

5.2.0 / Community edition

We just got new hardware to upgrade several of our aging nodes. The normal procedure was used, and seemed to be working fine. But the Management UI does not see the nodes, and using the CLI, we can not see them listed in the 'maprcli node list -json' 


Digging the in logs, I found many of these in the cldb.log for one such system:


FileServerHandler [HB-4]: Cannot process HB from fileserver uniq: 779be939450a3473-59a5925c0cb381, maxHbSeen: 13825 my uniq: 7346168ab020f459-59a5ae830cf9b4, HB num: 6675


I'm suspecting that although was run correctly, re-using the names of systems that used to be on the network (before being retired in the past weeks/months) is causing something to read ** something ** left over from the old nodes.


How can I get my shiny new servers to be recognized as part of the existing cluster?