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Hue 3.12 with Hive 2.1 - not showing logs in Hue UI

Question asked by sandeep on Aug 21, 2017
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I remember Hue 3.9 with Hive 1.2 used to show logs in the Hue UI. But, with Hue 3.12 and Hive 2.1, we are not able to see logs in Hue UI. Only show a warning 'WARNING: Hive-on-MR is deprecated in Hive 2 and may not be available in the future versions. Consider using a different execution engine (i.e. spark, tez) or using Hive 1.X releases'. Tried to set use_get_log_api to true but, still the same. Is there any thing that needs to be changed in hue.ini for logs to show?