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HUE Exceptions - MapR Cluster Installation 5.2.2

Question asked by Karthee on Aug 14, 2017
Latest reply on Aug 21, 2017 by Murshid Chalaev

Hi Team,

I have installed 5.2.2 MapR Cluster with 7 nodes. After the Installation every other services are running fine, except HUE 3.12. we just uninstalled the MapR 5.0.0 Cluster and reinstalled with 5.2.2 Version. 


I can't login with my HUE interface after the new cluster installation,


ProgrammingError at /accounts/login/
(1146, "Table 'hue.axes_accessattempt' doesn't exist")


Please find the attached logs from HUE.


and my other is issues is,

hive metastore dumb has been taken with previous meta version 1.2. Is there anyway to upgrade the metastore version 1.2 with new version 2.1 with the mysql dumb !!??


Appreciate your help!