The Intersection of Machine Learning and Containers

Discussion created by slimbaltagi on Aug 11, 2017
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I came across this interview of Ted Dunning, published as podcast on August 9th 2017, MapR’s Ted Dunning: The Intersection of Machine Learning and Containers - The New Stack 


2:08: Dunning’s thoughts on how machine learning should integrate into containerized environments.
9:08: Moving the learning framework into containerization
14:32: Exploring the differences in skillset between data specialists, DataOps, and data scientists.
21:41: Discussing the education and training required to demonstrate what containers and the mathematics behind them are used for.
25:46: How education drives incentive to utilize what individuals are learning in an immediate and productive way.
33:57: How machine learning systems handle SLA-style contracts and the possibility of confidence indexes.


What are your comments on this podcast? Could you share your experience using machine learning with containers?