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How to mount MapR-FS with NFS on Windows using AD authentication and respect POSIX/ACE user rights ?

Question asked by erouzel on Jul 24, 2017
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We are having a MapR cluster running, which is using Active Directory (AD) for authentication, and user rights management using POSIX and ACE depending on the use cases.


The user rights are used to create a multi-tenant cluster, where each volume is associated to a specific AD group.


The objective is to mount this MapR cluster using NFS on Windows Server 2012 R2 and respect the same user rights. If one user of AD group G1 is logged in to the Windows session, then he should have the corresponding rights on the NFS mount as he is supposed to have according to POSIX & ACE on MapR for group G1.


While such schema works well when using Open LDAP for authentication on the cluster and mounting with NFS from a Linux machine, we are not able to make it work properly with AD authentication and mounting with NFS from a Windows machine. The mount works but no right is respected the way we wants.


Is it possible to make a NFS mount of MapR on Windows and still respect the user rights ?

Is there anyone who could make that work successfully ? What would be the procedure then ?


Thank you.


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Erwan Rouzel