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Proper Usage of Thrift Server for HBase Queries

Question asked by gregp121 on Jul 19, 2017
Latest reply on Jul 20, 2017 by madumoulin

Currently I am using HBase Python  opensource library -  Happybase to get Hbase tables from Linux HBase server  (say, Server A) into Pandas data frames on my client machine (say, Server B).
I have installed Happybase and Hbase Client on ServerB, and can use Hbase shell to query tables in ServerA.
I have also started the Thrift server there by running "Hbase Thrift Start” on ServerB.
Could anyone please clarify on the below?
1.    Can I have Hbase Thrift Server in Server B or do I have to install in Server A (Hadoop with HBase Server)?
2.    If I need to install Thrift Server on Server A, then, what configuration is needed for my Thirft Server in Server A to talk to Server B where I have HappyBase?