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Installer stuck on verifying nodes

Question asked by Jesse on Jul 5, 2017
Latest reply on Jul 10, 2017 by apatil

Hi guys,

I'm using MapR installer to reinstall the platform on my 3-node cluster. For uninstall, I follow the link there:

Uninstalling MapR - MapR 5.0 Documentation -

Then I start over to reinstall the cluster. I got stuck in the step of verifying nodes. The progress bar on the top never moves. Seems like verifying forever.


Dig more into it. I found that the problems seem to happen on the first node( When I exclude this node and install with rest two nodes. Everything is fine. Then everytime I add this node. The verifying process got stuck. Moreover, there is no log for this node. Perhaps there is not enough information to generate that.


I attached some other logs hope they would be useful. Thanks in advance.


07/10 update: I attached output of following commands

ps -ef | grep ansible

ps -ef | grep yum

ps -ef | grep -i python