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Error in MCS: both ResourceManager and HBase do not have reachable URLs

Question asked by jqin Employee on Jun 20, 2017
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I have setup manually a non-secure MapR 5.2.1 + MEP 3.0.0 cluster by following the procedure on It all went fine. Both ResourceManager and HBase on the MCS navigation pane works fine. Then I enabled the cluster security by following Configuring Mapr Security. While everything else seems to be working fine, the links for ResourceManager and HBase in MCS are broken.  


I checked adminuiapp.log, for ResourceManager:


2017-06-20 08:23:45,741 ERROR com.mapr.baseutils.URLProbingUtility isURLReachable [pool-1-thread-121]: URL: https://jqin-co73-89:8090 can not be reached No name matching jqin-co73-89 found
The URL https://jqin-co73-89:8090 is actually reachable. I guess the issue is with CertificateException. What did I miss ?


For HBase, adminuiapp.log shows:


2017-06-20 08:40:55,382 ERROR com.mapr.baseutils.URLProbingUtility isURLReachable [pool-1-thread-143]: URL: https://jqin-co73-89:16010/master.jsp can not be reached Unrecognized SSL message, plaintext connection?


This https URL is indeed not reachable, but the http one, i.e., http://jqin-co73-89:16010/master.jsp is working fine. Do I miss any configuration in HBase ? 


Thanks for helping out.