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Hive Integration with SAP BI

Question asked by NG on Jun 12, 2017
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I am trying to integrate Hive with SAP BI but connection is not getting created.

SAP BI Server component Version: SAP BI 4.1 SP 5

SAP BI Server client Version: SAP BI 4.1 Client Tools SP 7

Hive Version:  Apache Hive (TM) 1.2.1


When I am creating JDBC connection, getting below error:

([Simba][HiveJDBCDriver](500151)Error setting/closing session: open Session Error.)


When creating ODBC 64 bit Connection using 'Mapr Hive ODBC Connector' Driver, getting below error:

SQLSTATE: HY000[MapR][HiveODBC] (34) Error from server: Unknown: errno = 10053.


I have given below values while creating connection:

Data Source Name: test_conn,

host: <server ip>,

port: 10000,

database: Default,

Hive server type: Hive Server 2,

mechanism: Username (tried with Username and Password as well)

Username: root


I have two queries:

1. Is this version of hive is compatible with SAP BI or not.

2. If yes, then how above errors can be resolved.


Please help.