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Cannot connect to CLDB in bridged mode

Question asked by JeffS on Jun 11, 2017
Latest reply on Jun 29, 2017 by mufeed

Hey Guys - I am going through the Admin course using the sandbox in VMWare.  I was running in NAT mode for a while and everything worked.  I could putty in and run maprcli commands, etc.  I then switched to Bridged mode so I could connect using MCS.  At that point, I could not putty in or run maprcli commands.  I have searched but cannot quite figure out what to do next.  Could someone please give me a pointer on either problem.  a) when I run "maprcli node listcldbs", I get the following (below) stacktrace and output.  It is related to a "read-only" file system issue which I cannot figure out.  In fact, I think the zookeeper and warden startups failed for the same reason.  b) what am I (could I be) missing in my putty config that allowed it to work with VM in NAT mode rather than Bridged.  Any help appreciated.  Thanks, JS.