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Error while creating spark session and loading csv file in Jupyterhub

Question asked by Arunav on Jun 7, 2017
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Mathieu Dumoulin helped me with a very similar issue. Thanks again. Could you please suggest on this one?


I have a 5 node MapR cluster running on RHEL 6.8 and MapR 5.2. I've Jupyterhub installed on one of the servers. 

I usually launch spark codes with the py2(python2.7) kernel of Jupyterhub by creating a SparkConf and SparkContext. I was trying to run the same kind of jobs by creating a SparkSession but the jobs are only running on local mode. When running on Yarn, there's a Stage failure error. 

Also, the same jobs run just fine when I submit through spark-submit.

I checked the resource manager logs and the containers are getting allocated.

Here's a small piece of code:

The error:



Arunava Addy