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Specify queue to use in mapr importJSON?

Question asked by john.humphreys on Jun 7, 2017
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I'm trying to import a large JSON document to a MapR-DB table (comparing Drill + MapR-DB to Drill + parquet, among other things).


The following command:

mapr importJSON -idfield "_id" -src "maprfs:///nmr/eis/sysm/pmp/work/dev/maprdb/test-data.json" -dst "/nmr/eis/sysm/pmp/work/dev/maprdb/bulk_load_test"

Is giving me the following error.

Failed to submit application_1496574095799_0003 to YARN : User user123 cannot submit applications to queue root.default

Is there any way I can specify the queue in this command so I can provide one my user can use? 


I don't see it here: mapr importJSON.  I'm also surprised this goes through a queue; is there any documentation on what it's doing behind the scenes?