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Question about MapR Monitoring

Question asked by mandoskippy on May 30, 2017
Latest reply on Oct 5, 2017 by prathi

Questions after reading:


Step 4: Run on each node in the MapR cluster with the -R, -ES, and -OT parameters. Optionally, you can include the -ESDB parameter.

So looking through this I am trying to grok what each item does...

-R - Refresh - Makes sense

-ES List of ES nodes - Makes Sense * Some questions below

-OT - List of OpenTSDB nodes - Makes Sense *Some questions below

-ESDB - Questions below.

On the ES nodes, there is there is a ESDB option, but what if we are using a non-mapr instance of Elastic Search? perhaps we want to use our own managed ES Cluster? While this is an optional flag, it also states it defaults to a location if not provided. So what happens if we want to use our own?

For both ES/OT options, what if we want to use an instance that is fronted by SSL or http basic authentication (Good practice). It's trivial to use the open source versions that have been "fronted" by nginx to achieve this. For lots of reasons it's good to ensure services have basic security. Does MapR allow us to provide basic auth credentials or SSL certs (Root CAs) that we can trust if we are using self signed certs?



Step 5: Restarting services that send metrics.

If we are using MapRDB and not HBaseMaster, or HBaseRegionServer can we still get metrics or is not available? Do we need to restart any services to have metrics be sent?