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Verify cluster after adding node to a 2 node cluster.

Question asked by dzndrx on May 30, 2017
Latest reply on Jul 10, 2017 by maprcommunity

How can I validate If my cluster is running in pristine condition after I added a 1 node to a 2 node cluster.

Here is my setup
-This are the 2 Node cluster servers
*12 core, 128 GB, 3 Raw HDD (1.1Tb Each) [ 2 Dell servers]

-This is the node I already added using the MapR Installer
*12 core, 64 GB, 3 Raw HDD (1.1TB Each) [1 UCS server]

All servers running on Rhel 7.3 and Subscribed.

Apparently I tried to run the jps command in every node and I noticed that in node 3 there are just few services that are running wherein this is my node service layout.



Here are the jps command output:








Also on the MCS. I noticed that some active services are 3 but the total is 2.

Its a bit odd.



I've already restarted the cluster a few times, still the same result.


Also I've attached the logs of the 3 nodes.