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MAPR Drill ODBC Driver - Zookeeper Quorum mode - connection failure

Question asked by siddharth1987 on May 26, 2017
Latest reply on May 26, 2017 by maprcommunity

Hi Team,


I am trying to connect MAPR Drill driver to hadoop cluster.


The connection works successfully (tested ok) in direct mode. 

The connection gives an error in zookeeper quorum mode.


Error - [MapR][Drill] (1010) Error occurred while trying to connect: [MapR][Drill] (10) Failure occurred while trying to connect to zk=aaaa:1111/drill/drillbits1


Cluster setup - 4 node cluster.

Node 1 - Zookeeper - Name Node.

Drill is installed in one of the data nodes as of now. 

I have updated config file for cluster Id and quorum as well.