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Can't access Lesson 2&3 of DEV 360

Question asked by harshniu on May 25, 2017
I am about to take the MCSD certification tomorrow and I was able to access all the relevant courses just fine up until the recent split into Essential and Pro. I was told that since I am already enrolled in those courses, I should still be able to access them. I am able to access everything I enrolled into except lesson 2 & 3 of DEV 360. Clicking on lesson 1 takes me to the separate course ESS 360 but lesson 2 & 3 links take me to the homepage - Alternatively, If I try to access the DEV 360 from the pro academy, it asks me for an access code, which I don't have. Please help. - Onna Nelson, tagging you since you seem to be the guru responding to questions similar in nature.