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Timeout trying to connect to MCS of MapR Sandbox on Azure

Question asked by CindyXL on May 4, 2017
Latest reply on May 17, 2017 by deborah

Hi there,


I've started a MapR Sandbox on Azure recently. It has been working really well for me as I did the DEV3600 labs. Thank you everyone @MapR for making this available!


As I reach Lab 6.1.3 of DEV3600, I need to launch the MCS to check on the Spark jobs using https://<my vm ip address>:8443. However I can not connect to the console and keep getting timeout errors.


I've tried it from both Chrome and Firefox on a windows 10 machine, and from Chrome on a windows 7 machine.


Service list is as shown below:

<lsof -i:8443> gives me this:

The Webserver log file has info below:


Would appreciate any ideas about how this can be fixed.


Thank you in advance!