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What would cause failure to load schemas via Drill with a successful ODBC connection?

Question asked by sbmarkb on Apr 26, 2017
Latest reply on Jun 12, 2017 by aalvarez

I am currently trying to establish a connection to our production Drill cluster (v1.6) via ODBC on a Mac (macOS Sierra 10.12.4). Our cluster does not require authentication. I am able to:


1 - Access the Drill Web UI on the cluster and execute queries successfully

2 - Connect to the Drill Cluster via JDBC using DBeaver/Squirrel

3 - Validate the ODBC connection through iODBC


When using Drill Explorer or Tableau 10.2, the following error is encountered:

[MapR][Drill] (1040) Drill failed to execute the query: select * from INFORMATION_SCHEMA.SCHEMATA WHERE SCHEMA_NAME LIKE '%' ESCAPE '\' AND SCHEMA_NAME <> 'sys' AND SCHEMA_NAME <> 'INFORMATION_SCHEMA'
[30029]Query execution error. Details:[
SYSTEM ERROR: IllegalArgumentException: A valid userName is expected

[Error Id: 6a5fd787-9fbd-479a-b1d2-9c775b9e4985 on]

I am able to execute the above query without issue via the WebUI/JDBC.


Web UI - Successful Schema Query


I assume this is either a non-obvious configuration within our cluster related to ODBC or a compatibility issue between the current Drill ODBC driver and our production version of Drill. I've researched the online documentation and attempted troubleshooting with a completely clean setup to no avail.


Any assistance in advance of us committing to a version upgrade on our 32-drillbit production cluster as a shot-in-the-dark approach to resolve the issue would be grand. Thanks.


The following are screenshots showing my experience as noted above.


iODBC - Connection to Cluster is Successful


Drill Explorer - Connection to Localhost Successful - Schemas Loaded


Drill Explorer - Connection to Cluster - Schema Query Error


Drill Explorer - Connection to Cluster - Connected, No Schemas (due to error)