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org.apache.oozie.action.ActionExecutorException: JA002: User: developer4 is not allowed to impersonate developer4

Question asked by hemant.jain on Apr 19, 2017
Latest reply on Apr 27, 2017 by maprcommunity

I am facing this issue since last couple of days. Please check and let me know if you need more details.


I have installed on Ubantu(14.04) hadoop(2.7.3 Version with user - developer4) multi cluster server on two pysical server. One is master and second one is slave.

Master /etc/hosts file  master developer4  slave

Slave server /etc/hosts file   cilm063-ThinkCentre-A58   master   slave

I have installed following tools as well. (All tools installed with developer4 on both server group developer4)

Zooker Master and Slave Server Hbase (1.2.4) Master and Slave Server  Hive (0.14.0) Only on Master Server  Ozzie (4.3.0) Only on Master Server Pig (0.16.0) Only on Master Server Sqoop (1.4.4) Only on Master Server Hue (3.12.0) Only on Master Server

Started following services on Master server.

8608 RunJar 4833 NameNode 8929 Bootstrap 5544 NodeManager 8074 HRegionServer 5002 DataNode 7822 HQuorumPeer 11856 JobHistoryServer 8467 ThriftServer 5399 ResourceManager 7897 HMaster 5209 SecondaryNameNode 15199 Jps

Started following services on Slave server.

24850 HRegionServer 23970 DataNode 25333 Jps 24735 HQuorumPeer

I have all confiured with hue and working fine. I have one issue with ozzie job run.

I am runing below command with user developer4 with pig or sqoop or default example which mentioned in to installation link but always I am getting this error. Please suggest me where I am doing wrong.

developer4@Developer4:/usr/local/oozie/oozieserver/oozie-4.3.0/bin$ ./oozie job -oozie http://localhost:11000/oozie -config ../examples/apps/map-reduce/ -RunJar


2017-04-18 11:48:01,657 WARN MapReduceActionExecutor:523 -
SERVER[developer4] USER[developer4] GROUP[-] TOKEN[] APP[map-reduce-wf] JOB[0000008-170418110043978-oozie-deve-W] ACTION[0000008-170418110043978-oozie-deve-W@mr-node] Exception in check(). Message[ User: developer4 is not allowed to impersonate developer4]

Configuration About Ozzie

nameNode=hdfs://master:9000 jobTracker=master:8032 queueName=default examplesRoot=examples${nameNode}/user/${}/${examplesRoot}/apps/map-reduce/workflow.xml outputDir=map-reduce

hadoop/etc/core-site.xml file

<property>       <name>hadoop.proxyuser.hue.groups</name>       <value>*</value> </property> <property>       <name>hadoop.proxyuser.hue.hosts</name>       <value>*</value> </property> <property>     <name>hadoop.proxyuser.developer4.hosts</name>     <value>*</value> </property> <property>     <name>hadoop.proxyuser.developer4.groups</name>     <value>*</value> </property>


 <property>     <name>oozie.service.ProxyUserService.proxyuser.developer4.hosts</name>     <value>*</value>    </property>  <property>     <name>oozie.service.ProxyUserService.proxyuser.developer4.groups</name>     <value>*</value> </property>