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How to install MapR and Hadoop on Windows 7 32-bit

Question asked by sjvbny1989 on Mar 31, 2017
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Hello there,


I would like to thank MapR Academy for providing self paced tutorials for beginners like me.


I have a couple of questions in installation and getting started with Map R and Hadoop integration.


1. I am self-learning using a Win 7,32 bit OS with 4 GB RAM on my laptop. So kindly advice me how to install and proceed further.


2. I have a VMWare workstation with Win 10 OS,2 GB RAM running on it, is it possible to run on the same machine? I also have iso image of Win server 2012 OS.


3. If nothing can be done for the above configurations, as a beginner can we get access to the remote machine/ cloud deployment of Map R test environment for real-time exposure? 


Any input would be much appreciated!


Kind Regards,

Sajeev Benny