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Incremental install Error while reconfiguring services and reg. documentation.

Question asked by ashish.ambavane on Mar 28, 2017
Latest reply on Mar 28, 2017 by deborah

Hello ,


We used mapr installer to install our dev cluster with 4 nodes (dn0-dn4) .We wanted to take one node down (dn0) which has some services that needs to be reconfigured to other nodes. when I went to incremental install, it fails on node verification because of  one extra node shown in layout. we have specified nodes as (dn0-dn4) by hostname but in the verify section along with those 4 nodes it shows one extra node with the ip ( ip of dn0). so verification passes on dn0-dn4 but the node with ip fails and I am not able to remove it as well it throws "cannot remove installer node : error code 403".  Note : dn0 is the installer node.

It would be great if to get any inputs on this scenario.

Also, I was looking for a proper document on how to reconfigure services using incremental install , can you share useful link or steps on how to migrate services from one node to another ?