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Too many FileServer process has mismatch of patch version alarm emails

Question asked by dharmin on Mar 30, 2017
Latest reply on Apr 4, 2017 by mufeed

I am using MapR 5.2 community edition

This morning I have been receiving NODE_ALARM_VERSION_MISMATCH alarms (I have already received around 50 of those alerts in email). 

The email content is shown below:


   Cluster: <cluster name>

   Node: <hostname>

   Message: FileServer process has mismatch of patch version:  expected version $Id: mapr-version:       39122:49f386ea0304 $

According to Version Alarm, it wants me to change the version, but we have not performed any upgrades to the cluster or changed the version of any services.


Also, as soon as I receive the email, I go to MCS and go to the Node alarms section, but I do not see the version mismatch alarm show up on that page. On MCS everything looks fine, but I keep getting the NODE_ALARM_VERSION_MISMATCH alarms in my email. It is spamming my mailbox with those emails, but am not able to figure out what is causing the alarms and how should I fix it. Any help is appreciated.


Thank you.