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Cards Example and Workflow all together

Question asked by raffaele.aprea on Mar 27, 2017
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I was studying the course (DEV 301) and trying to collect and compare a couple of information.
My goal was to map the card reordering tasks with mapReduce workflow. In other words:
the card reordering happens in 3 or 4 tasks but any of them should (or could) be mapped on mapReduce workflow, I mean
Input Map combine etc....

in order to be clear I would prepare a common and shared base point: I report here the tasks identified by me in the card sorting example:
1) 20 volunteers sort the cards as per suit.
2) 20 volunteers sort the cards, at point 1), as per face value.
3) 4 volunteers, one for any suit, collect and sort all cards of the same suit and sort them as per the face value.
4) 1 volunteer collect and sort the cards in order to prepare the decks


Many thanks for you care about this question.


Raffaele Aprea