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Will cluster transfer rate be faster if more nodes are available ?

Question asked by dzndrx on Mar 24, 2017
Latest reply on Mar 29, 2017 by madumoulin

Hi, One client ask me about cluster networks. So here is the scenario.

We have setup a three node cluster for centralize storage and analysis. 


He ask about these things.


How network load or simply network tunnels are working on a cluster, since we have three nodes and using the NFS to transfer data. 


I actually didn't know how to explain this part, his thoughts was If I transfer a file to a cluster with 10gb NIC server, since a single server in a cluster has 10gb nic each does that means that all 10gb NIC will be used resulting to 30gb overall or it will just use the single server which where the client is mounted via NFS.


Any thoughts about this ? He just simply want to ask If a cluster transfer rate will be faster if more nodes are available.