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Unable to update stack using Clouformation template

Question asked by sagar.sonawane on Mar 21, 2017
Latest reply on Mar 22, 2017 by jsun

I have followed instructions given at 9 Steps to Deploying the MapR Converged Data Platform on AWS to deploy 3 node cluster in AWS having version 5.2 (CDP).


I have been using this cluster from last 2-3 months and now I need to scale up this cluster little to demonstrate cluster upgrade workflow. So, I wanted to change AWS instance type from m3.large to m4.xlarge. While doing this, I knew that m4.xlarge instance type is not directly given in MapR cloudformation template, hence, I made copy of template and used it to do the change.

But, it was failed, as shown in screenshot attached here. Then, I thought it is due to change I made in template. Hence, I opened my existing 3 node stack and clicked on "Update stack" in console and only changed no. of instance from 3 to 5, but still it is failing with same error. Please ref. to same screenshot.


I am stuck here and don't know, what is correct way to upgrade cluster resources using cloudformation template( which I believe can be used in production )? I have followed this Walkthrough: Updating a Stack - AWS CloudFormation document to do the changes.