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sandbox failed to importon  virtualbox

Question asked by fgomez on Mar 17, 2017
Latest reply on Mar 21, 2017 by wochanda

Unable to load sandbox-520 with virtuialbox - 

getting Medium 'C:\MapR-Sandbox-F......disk1.vmdk' is already attached to port 1,device 0 of controller 'IDE' of this virtual machine. 



Looks like the Virtualbox Import failed after generating (importing the following file) MapR-Sandbox-For-Hadoop-5.2.0-vmware-disk1.vmdk     - the first disk out of two. 

This file extension is .vmdk (a Vmware not for Virtualbox which has the '.vdi' extension'). 


Can someone clarify this please or anyone has a working Sandbox running on virtualbox ?