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Hue access error

Question asked by dzndrx on Mar 17, 2017
Latest reply on Mar 21, 2017 by dzndrx

Hi, Im currently running a 3 node mapr cluster (bare metal) on RHEL7.2. After installation Hue service is down and fortunately after researching and debugging I came to an answer making the Hue service up by following this threads.


oozie and hue service down 

Error w Hue Configuration 


Also I follow the document but I kept getting errors on a certain command which is this


Michael Segel thread (Error w Hue Configurationhe mention that the centos 7 includes a python 2.7.5 which should be removed to perfomed the step above. My problem is it is not clear on what to really to do with this python? I mean if I removed it OS will not be usable. 

Michael Segel Please help me on this matter or simply provide me steps on achieving this Im not a geek on linux systems and services. On your thread you managed to make the HUE run on centos/rhel 7 versions.This is really frustrating in my part wherein the documentation says that CENTOS/RHEL 7.2 is supported but on reality it is not.


Here I managed to install the downgrade version of Mariadb so I managed to make my HUE service up but it gives me this window when I try to access it.


Mufeed Usman Kindly help me on this matter please.