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Drill in MapR sandbox accessing host Yelp files

Question asked by sigmazen on Mar 1, 2017
Latest reply on Mar 13, 2017 by tugdual


I'm running through the tutorial at Installing the Apache Drill Sandbox - Apache Drill  and it's all going well with the `orders` and `clicks` etc.  I can ssh in, I can see the Drill webpage (ie the Storage plugins) and so on.

I've also downloaded the Yelp files onto my laptop (ie the macbook host) and have set up a Shared Folder in VirtualBox console but can't seem to access them from within the sandbox.

I don't really want to install Drill directly on my laptop as well as via the VirtualBox, so my question is how to access that shared folder from the MapR sandbox?


I tried playing around with the dfs configuration firstly mapping to the host files directly:

      `"location": "/Users/simon/Documents/Apache Drill/yelp/",`

I also tried mounting a new drive via the ssh terminal

    `$sudo mount -t vboxsf -v /yelp /yelp`

but it didn't accept the value of  `mapr` as the password


Any thoughts / sample dfs config?