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Mounting MapR-FS via NFS on Windows client

Question asked by dzndrx on Feb 26, 2017
Latest reply on Mar 14, 2017 by waikiat.yip

Hi I am running MapR 5.2 currently on sandbox.


Are there any demo for this matter? More information about this topic? 

Im using mapr sandbox testing the nfs capabilities of mapR for a client demo


Im having some trouble on file permission(I mount a volume via NFS on a windows client)


For example sticky bits is enabled on linux directory (making any files only deleted by the owner itself) but when I try to delete a file that is mounted via nfs, it has been deleted but after I refresh the mounted drive it appears again but now it isnt accesible.


Ok heres the whole story. 


First I created a directory on the /mapr/ which is named /base from here I will create 2 volumes and mount them on base. The permission of base is 777 with sticky bit.  Here is the exact permission

Then I created the first volume which will then be named /test. Properties of test volume ? no quota just permissions.

Here is the mcs properties.

So basically only test user will have the access on /test volume in viewing and writing data.

Here is the linux permissions.

So basically I again open all the access since these are filtered by the data access function above.


BTW here is the UID and GID of test user that will access the /test volume.


So here's the mounting part (to test first the volume security)

These is also setup is on Oracle Virtual Box a Windows 7 Ultimate with enabled NFS service. I also set the AnonymousUid and AnonymousGid for the sake of permission on making this demo possible. Here I set the AnonymousUid and AnonymousGid on regedit as seen the discussion 


Then starting the NFS services.

Then mounting it on drive Z: using cmd.

Then here is it is!!!. Please ignore the drive X: 

As you can see I mounted it the /base directory and here it exposes the /test volume.


Ill try to dump some files, create some directories and files. Here are the directories and files I created.


File permissions will be below. (As you can see it is created by test user) so far so good ey???.


So here's the first problem I encountered. Lets go back to the base directory where we can see the /test volume.

And lets try to delete it .

Press yes please. So here it goes. As you can see its gone.

Then press refresh or just press the base again. Then boom I cannot access the folder from here we will unmount the drive Z: and restart the Windows VM.


Here is the restarted one. I go through it and yes all files are gone but I can access it.

Please help me in this matter.