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Volume mounted on windows can be delete

Question asked by dzndrx on Feb 24, 2017
Latest reply on Mar 20, 2017 by maprcommunity

Ok here is the setup.


Volume1 (accessible for sales group)

   *Inside volume 1 there are 3 volumes (associated for 3 sales department each volume having a quota)

Volume2 (accessible for tech group) 

   *Inside volume 2 there are 2 volumes (for 2 technical department each volume again having a quota)


On volume 1 and volume 2 setup 

   *chmod 777  

   *ACE's g:sales | g:department1 etc. . . .



These volumes are mounted on windows client with AnonymousGid and AnonymousUid authentication.


Volume1 for example is mounted at windwos client 1 exposing all the 3 volumes inside volume 1. But only 1 volume inside volume 1 is accessible to this user (for example is department1 volume). On linux machine using the users and trying to rm -rf /volume1/department1 wouldnt work but on windows by selecting the folder (which is the department1 volume) and pressing the delete key something is going wrong and all files will be deleted but the volume folder will remain also it throws a certain error and I wouldn't get to mount it again. 


If you need more clarification I can record the steps on how did I achieve this setup and showing what is wrong with volume deletion.


Please I really need help on this, It will be presented on monday