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MapR Sandbox network

Question asked by magnoyu on Feb 24, 2017
Latest reply on Feb 26, 2017 by madumoulin

Hi, I'm a complete newbie with MapR, VMWare, sandbox technology.. and I'm trying to do the lab exercise for lab 301 on Windows 7 with VMWare player 12 and 4.1.0 sandbox


I was able to get the sandbox running (after logging in as root and restarting the warden and zookeeper services) (Mind you I have no clue what they are, just following other people's instructions and also I never really come across this message

      "MapR-Sandbox-For-Hadoop installation finished successfully."


I didn't ssh from my windows to the sandbox. (I don't know what the IP would be)

But logging in as root, I can run the wordcount exercises and


Now I'm at a state where I want to try to browse to the history server (Exercise 2) and the doc keeps refers to node-ip:8088.

What is node-ip?


I tried at my windows browser and it says it's not available.

I was browsing through a bit of discussion of NAT or host-only, etc but I don't know how it affects me (I just want to be able to connect to the sandbox)


What do I need to do in order to access the history server or ssh into the sandbox for that matter

 1. Change one of the NAT, host-only setting?

 2. Modify any hosts file?


At the sandbox, arp -a shows

? ( at ....... on eth0


But I tried putty using that IP and it's connection timed out.