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Change group error

Question asked by Karthee on Feb 15, 2017
Latest reply on Feb 16, 2017 by cathy


I have a 3 node cluster,when i am running this hive script,am getting all these exceptions

hive> insert into bistore.wt_deeds
> partition(d_load_yearmonth)
> select * from bistore.ext_wt_deeds;

2017-02-15 12:29:38,3512 ERROR Client fs/client/fileclient/cc/ Thread: 18334 Setattr failed, error Operation not permitted(1), Fid 2068.59616.4670536
2017-02-15 12:29:38,3513 ERROR JniCommon fs/client/fileclient/cc/ Thread: 18334 setattr failed for file /user/hive/warehouse/bistore.db/wt_deeds/.hive-staging_hive_201, Operation not permitted(1)
chgrp: changing ownership of 'maprfs:///user/hive/warehouse/bistore.db/wt_deeds/.hive-staging_hive_2017-02-15_12-29-37_449_173866753082066825-1': Could not set owner/group null/mapr for path maprfs:///user/hive/warehouse/bistore.db/wt_deeds/.hive-staging_hive_2017-02-15_12-29-37_449_173866753082066825-1


can you guys help me to sort this out!! I would really appreciate your assistance!