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Integrate HUE with HIVE

Question asked by SankarRaman on Feb 14, 2017
Latest reply on Feb 23, 2017 by cathy

Hi I've installed latest standalone MAPR instance in my VM.

During initial installation I didnt install Hive.

Couple of days back I've installed hive based on the instruction provided in the link.

Installing Hive - MapR 5.0 Documentation - 

I've installed mapr-hive,mapr-hiveserver2 and mapr-hivemetastore


I'm able to connect to Hive and BEELINE through command line interface.


I'm trying to view and query those tables through HUE, but I'm not able to configure.

I refer following link to integrate HUE with HIVE, it's still not working. I dont konw what  I'm missing

I've tried all options on modifying HUE.INI file but still HIVE or BEELINE or hiveserver2 is not appearing in HUE (configuration- installed applications) and hive editor is not showing up in Install individual applications too. Any help is greatly appreciated.

Integrate Hue with Hive - MapR 5.0 Documentation -