RFI: A definitive checklist for MAPR Eclipse install & config

Discussion created by markvogt on Feb 14, 2017
Latest reply on Feb 15, 2017 by cathy

Greetings all,

I'll bet I'm not alone in this request:I'd like to see a DEFINITIVE step-by-step checklist for the PERFECT install of Eclipse for MAPR HBase Application Development use.


Has anyone SEEN such a checklist?

I'm a veteran (decades in fact) .NET/SharePoint developer (solution architect actually) cross-training into MAPR, so Eclipse/Java is something that I last did years ago, meaning everything's probably changed dramatically.

What I remember DESPISING about Eclipse and all-things-opensource is that even while we're all working hard to master the THEORY behind & underneath MAPR (so far a VERY cool technology!), it would be frustrating in the EXTREME if I end up struggling to learn to develop HBase Applications simply because of some blunder installing & configuring the "dang" Eclipse IDE and whatever plugins/configurations are considered "optimal" for MAPR HBase Application Development...


Anyone got that magical checklist (eg best source for download, correction types & versions for JVM or JDK, versions of Eclipse to use, versions to AVOID, extras to add into Eclipse - all that...


Hoping someone is out there,

-Mark Vogt