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Migrate SQL tables to Mapr-fs using SSIS(SQL Server Integration Services)

Question asked by kannu.kumar on Feb 13, 2017
Latest reply on Sep 18, 2017 by maprcommunity

Hey community,

I am running a single node cluster called "maprdemo", which i have downloaded from mapr wesbiste.

Question: - Is there a way i can set up a ETL job using sql server integration services (SSIS) to be able to transfer SQL Server Tables to Mapr-fs.?

I am well aware that sqoop can assist me in importing data from any relational database to Mapr-fs. but i would like to setup a ETL job using SSIS.


SSIS (2014) or above has native hadoop connection manager which takes in

  • WebHDFS connection with default port : 50070
  • WebHCat connection with default port : 50111

Is there a way i can use any of the above connections to transfer data from SQL to Mapr-fs.

Link to the Hadoop connection manager is as follow.

Hadoop Connection Manager 

The following video contains a reference to what i would like to achieve.

Transfer product table in SQL Server Database into Hadoop via SSDT - YouTube 

Any suggestions will be appreciated.....


Thanks in advance....