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Drill vs Hive on MapR-DB - advantage of the range scan's start and stop row filters

Question asked by MichaelSegel on Feb 8, 2017
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With Hive, the Where clause must contain conditions key >= min_val and key <= max_val in order to take advantage of the range scan's start and stop row filters.


Does this also apply to Drill?


Within HBase / MapRDB there's also a time range method on the scan() class. Here you can set a time range to find all of the rows/cells which have been inserted/updated during that time period.  


This is valuable in use cases where we only want to process rows that were last touched during a specific period.  I believe that the entire region / tablet is bypassed if there are no rows that meet this criteria. ( This implies that there's a min/max timestamp for the tablet. )


Hive apparently can't take advantage of this and I was wondering if Drill is capable of using this feature?