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Spark kafka09.KafkaUtils.createRDD example for spark-streaming-kafka-0-9_2.11-2.0.1-mapr-1611.jar from MEP 2.0

Question asked by miguelperalvo_tesm on Feb 8, 2017
Latest reply on Mar 7, 2017 by miguelperalvo_tesm
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Do you have an example of Spark kafka09.KafkaUtils.createRDD making use of the spark-streaming-kafka-0-9_2.11-2.0.1-mapr-1611.jar library, provided in the new MEP 2.0 and that has been tested by the MapR team?


We want a working example to take it as reference point for our Spark Batch application. Basically, we need the equivalent to this example for batch using KafkaUtils.createRDD():


spark/V09DirectKafkaWordCount.scala at 2.0.1-mapr-1611 · mapr/spark · GitHub 


We'd appreciate it if it's been tested by the MapR team in Kafka-v09 with MapR-Streams.



Thank you,

Miguel Peralvo