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What are each column of maprcli table list?

Question asked by awilhelm on Jan 24, 2017
Latest reply on Jan 31, 2017 by takeshi

I am running the following command, with true path obfuscated. I am curious what the `totalcopypendingsize` column denotes. 


$maprcli table info -path /table

totalnumberofsegments totallogicalsize totalphysicalsize totalnumberofspills regionsizemb numregions uuid path totalcopypendingsize autosplit bulkload audit totalrows maxvalueszinmemindex

805297 2673655275520 1700481376256 1190026 256 6458 bc290a6c-8f5a-f9fb-02ff-0478d7455800 /table 37740814336 true false false 1633252950 100


We appear to have large numbers for several of our tables and I am hoping to understand why this may be. 




Adam Wilhelm