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MapR services failed to start

Question asked by yanggangthu on Jan 23, 2017
Latest reply on Feb 6, 2017 by onelson

I was able to run the MapR Sandbox before for labs in spark essentials DEV360. However, the computer shut down automatically once before. Then when I restart the VirtualBox, it always give me the error that  MapR services failed to start, and ERROR 3: services didn't start in 2 minutes.

I was able to log in through ssh, however, it will report that could not chdir to home directory /user/user01: NO such file or directory.


I am using windows 10 and the virtualbox. I am using MapR Sandbox 5.2.0.

My computer has RAM 16GB. 200GB free disk. Firewall 360 protection.


I have tried that " /opt/mapr/support/tools/ -n sandboxlogs"

Then ssh tells me that Permission Denied.


I also tried "service mapr-warden restart". Also being told, I do not have the right to restart.