Help in deciding storage format for sensor csv files

Discussion created by sagar.sonawane on Jan 18, 2017
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I am using MaprR 5.2 Converged Data Platform. I need to ingest huge amount of data in MapR Platform but it is all  sensors data. Now, the requirement is to have ad-hoc reporting using tools like tableu. But, the real question is how should I store this data, there are lot of options like below:

  1. Raw files (CSV)
  2. Transform them to Parquet
  3. Create MapR-DB table
  4. Store in OpenTSDB


There are total 16 different types of CSV files, total 33G of data.


Now, I 'm confused about which storage option would be better for performance, scalability.


Any help, would be greatly appreciated.



Sagar Sonawane