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User Group Information Login From Keytab is not working

Question asked by anwar6953 on Dec 23, 2016
Latest reply on Feb 9, 2017 by maprcommunity
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Hi Najmuddin,

I'm running into a similar issue as the original poster of this thread (Sathish).
I applied the recommendations you suggested. However, it seems like the UserGroupInformation.loginFromKeytab is ignoring the keytab file's (particularly, the principal I pass in via configurations).
Instead, it seems to be authenticating purely based upon the maprticket that I acquired using the 'maprlogin' command. Without the 'maprlogin' command, the programmatic (Java) login from keytab doesn't seem to be working.


On Securing Open Source Components - MapR 5.0 Documentation -, it says that "maprticket must already exist on file system as MapR login module". Does this mean that we can't perform the login from the keytab file, but only via the maprticket, or is that comment only relevant for the first of the two stanzas (I didn't have success with either)?

Appreciate your help,

Ali Anwar