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adding a new node on existing cluster with command line

Question asked by waikiat.yip on Jan 10, 2017
Latest reply on Jan 24, 2017 by cathy

hi Team, 


when i was using command to install first 3 mapr nodes 

/opt/mapr/server/ -N production -C phd01,phd02, phd03 -Z  phd01, phd02, phd03 -u mapr -g mapr -ES phd01,phd02,phd03 -ESDB /opt/mapr/es_db -OT phd01,phd02,phd03 -f -no-autostart -on-prompt-cont y -unsecure -v -HS phd03


right now i wanted to add on another node ph04 with zookeeper and cldb service. 

may i know is there a down time required and can you verify is my procedure is correct?


1. show down mapr-warden and mapr-zookeeper.

2. run this command on hd01 : (or run in new server phd04)

/opt/mapr/server/ -N production -C phd01,phd02, phd03 , phd04-Z  phd01, phd02, phd03,phd04 -u mapr -g mapr -ES phd01,phd02,phd03,phd04 -ESDB /opt/mapr/es_db -OT phd01,phd02,phd03,phd04 -f -no-autostart -on-prompt-cont y -unsecure -v -HS phd03



one more question what does /opt/mapr/server/ -R mean ?