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Install VMWare Tools in MapR sandbox

Question asked by anelson on Jan 5, 2017
Latest reply on Jan 6, 2017 by maprcommunity

I am running VMWare Fusion 8.5.3. on my Mac running 10.12 (Sierra).


When I install other Linux distros (like CentOS, Ubuntu and Fedora), I was able to insert the virtual CD (sometimes spelled VMWare Tools and sometimes spelled Guest Additions) to get mouse integration and to be able to stretch the window with the expected effect.


I downloaded the the VMware MapR sandbox and imported it successfully. I can ssh to the instance and browse the the HUE and MCS screen of port 8443.


Even if I never do anything but a shell on the machine, I would really like mouse integration and window resizing integration.   I tried to google for "mapr sandbox install vmware tools", but I found nothing.


Any help is appreciated.