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Not able to query MapR-DB Document table using Apache Drill

Question asked by PuneetBabbar on Jan 5, 2017
Latest reply on Mar 5, 2018 by john.humphreys

I'm using the MapR-DB document database to work on a JSON table. I'm able to create and query the json table using the

mapr dbshell

or using the


MapR DB shell screenshot


But now when i try to query the table using the Apache drill

And referring to the below link: Apache drill to query MapR-DB json table

I'm only able to see the first the column i.e. is the _id column and no other field is shown.

As per the link, i have also updated the Storage Plugins and in the dfs storage plugin have made the below entry

"maprdb_document": {   "location": "/apps",   "writable": true,   "defaultInputFormat": "maprdb" }

And when i execute below query, it only shows the _id colum.

SELECT * FROM dfs.maprdb_document.`./user_profiles