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Unable to see the mount of MapR cluster after installation

Question asked by Manoj kumar Gandikota on Jan 1, 2017
Latest reply on Jan 3, 2017 by deborah

After installing the cluster, I am unable to see the cluster from linux using the command 

ls -l /mapr/<clustername>

but I am able to see the contents of the cluster by giving the below command.


hadoop fs -ls /mapr/<clustername>


As per the course "ADM 200 - Install a MapR cluster", lesson3: Verify and Test Cluster, I should be able to see the cluster mounted on /mapr so that I can issue a " ls /mapr" to see the cluster. But in my case, when I issue this command, I am getting the below result.


mapr@myhost:~$ ls /mapr
ls: cannot access /mapr: No such file or directory


Please let me know how can I get the cluster mounted on /mapr/