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MapR on Azure

Question asked by tapannanda on Dec 22, 2016
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I believe MapR is available on Azure cloud only as IaaS option where we can deploy 5.1 or 5.2 version of MapR Converged Data Platform via Azure Marketplace. Since its a not a managed service from Azure (PaaS), so i guess I should get whole set of options to choose (hence flexibility) while setting a cloud based cluster. But on my free Azure account I can hardly play with various options to know by myself. Hence few questions are in my mind as below:

1: Can we get to choose the OS type and version while setting MapR on Azure (i couldn't see that option anywhere)?

2: Can we choose MEP (MapR Expansion Pack) version while building a MapR 5.2 cluster? Currently MapR 5.2 support both MEP 1.1 and 2.0 version, but I couldn't see any option to choose the same. Refer 5.2 MapR Ecosystem Packs 

3: Which edition of MapR is selected to be deployed on Azure?

4: What is the storage option available for MapR on Azure? I believe Azure has Blob storage and Data Lake Storage options available for HDP and HDInsight. But are they available for MapR as well?? Any options similar to S3 bucket in AWS??!!

5: Is there any monitoring tool (for application, services and resources) available from Azure Cloud for MapR deployment OR shall we just have to live with Kibana/Grafana from MapR Package?

6: Any performance benchmark available so far for this combination?

7: What all security layers and protections available for MapR on Azure?  

8: I assume when we deploy MapR 5.2 on Azure it deploys all components without any restrictions. Is there any component which is not (or can not) deployed on Azure?

Refer 7 Steps to Deploy the MapR Sandbox on Microsoft Azure 

Any pointer to the above questions would be great help for my analysis.